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About Us

Hey! 👋🏼 We're Jess & Brys – a couple from Sydney, Australia who have a passion for celebrating the good things in life [because if you take a look around, this world is pretty amazing!]



As we have grown through life, something we've both learnt is that society often questions the 'why' behind people doing good things for others. 


To be honest, we've found ourselves on both ends of it – questioning whether other people's motives behind doing good things were genuine, and also being questioned ourselves.


One memory we both have is handing out roses for free on Mother's Day at a local shopping complex to strangers passing by. There was a variety of responses, including many people trying to avoid us thinking we were sales people trying to sell them an overly-priced rose.


But the response that left a lasting impression on us was the handful of people who asked how much a rose was and were equally grateful as they were surprised when we answered, 'oh nothing, it's free!' 


Imagine if, in a world questioning "why?" and looking everywhere for the ultimatum, we encouraged the "just because". 


That is the heart behind without reason the label. To spread the message that good things don't need to be justified.


So let's encourage, smile and be kind – without reason.


Thanks for being here!